Phase 3

Design, Engineering and Operation

In phase 3 of the project, the demo plant will be designed and built following conventional engineering workflow, but also innovative engineering solutions will be developed and applied as required. The methodology will be made up of the following stages: Design Basis à Conceptual Engineering à Basic Engineering à FEED (Front End Engineering Design) à Detail Engineering. The Design Basis and the Conceptual Engineering set the broad outlines of the plant and are followed by successive engineering designs in which the level of detail is deepened progressively until reaching the Detail Engineering, which will provide all the information and data required for the procurement, construction and operation of the demo plant.

Near the end of the construction, the commissioning of the plant will bridge the gap between the construction and the start of plant operation. The commissioning is a critical stage to hand over a safe, efficient and operation-ready facility. After the commissioning of the plant, a 6-month operation campaign is planned in an industrial and integrated process.

The consortium is committed to make this project a success even after the project ends and will continue to operate the demonstration plant and derive results for commercial scale up.